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Bracing the top (Simplicio Inspired Guitar)

Well this is the continuation of the 10-string build which my friend has decided to convert it to 6-string.
The 10-string will be continued sometime next year

For this project the specifications are:
Top: Carpathian Spruce AAA grade
Back & Sides: CSA Rosewood
Neck: Spanish Cedar
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: CSA Rosewood
Bracing: Francisco Simplicio 1924 - 8 asymmetric fan brace a

Since I am reusing the top from the 10-string build, I won't be covering that here.
For the past session, I manage to draw out the bracing for the top and cut the braces to size.
I decided on the Simplicio / Garcia bracing because I like the sound of a Garcia recording which I heard.
Also since this build features carving on the headstock and bridge, (not done by me), it's appropriate to use a Simplicio bracing.

Francisco Simplicio is famous for intricate carving on the headstock.
In his famous 8 fan asymmetric brace layout, each of the fan brace has a different focal point.
Torres typically focus his fan to about the 14th fret
The bass side has 3 fan brace (excluding the center brace) and treble side has 4 fan brace.
The outer fan brace will have a lower focal point than the inner one.
However, I will be doing some modification on the traverse harmonic brace.
Instead of a closed one I will open the aperture.
I just feel that open harmonic brace will open up the sound.

Drawing the layout on the top

Braces all cut to length and labelled

The bracing diagram which I based on.

Dry run for gluing

Finally a hot day, so the time for the real action has arrived.
I set up for the gluing and proceed as planned.
The gluing was quite fast since all the things has been previously prepared.
Luckily my go-bar are just nice some of the inner struts I use 4 go-bars instead of 3.
This is because it domes more in the center.

The actual run. I start from the center brace work on the right side then the left side. The ruler is to prevent the brace from slipping.

Center brace glued.

One side done.

Both side done.

Go-bars to the top of the deck.

Looking down from the top of the deck

I carved the brace, one the brace chip off at the ends.
It's due to the brace having some wavy grain line.
I am thinking of redo-ing just this brace only.

After removing the go-bars

Plane to height

Shaping the brace with my Japanese oire nomi

Weight of the top now is at 134g

After rough sanding

I remove the 1st brace on the left of the center brace.
The ends chipped off due to the wavy grain in the struts.
I know if I leave it there I would come back and think what if I change the struts back then the sound would be better.
So instead of leaving it to chance, I just change it.
Removing it was quite easy, chisel off the main bulk and plane it when it's near the top and finally sand smooth.
I can see that the brace was firmly glued which is a good thing.
After that I split a new brace and plane to size.
Then I glue in the side braces too and this brace.
The closing brace at the ends are glued when the fan has been carved.
I also cut the window in the traverse brace.

Chisel the main bulk

Plane it when it's near the top

After sanding it smooth

Cutting the slot in the traverse brace for open harmonic brace

Done sawing

Gluing the treble fan brace and the side brace

Close up shot

I shape the new treble brace and the 2 side brace.
Just nice I had freshly sharpen my tools and they work GREAT!
Nothing feels as good as using a newly sharpened tools.
The final weight is 179g with the traverse brace and closing brace still raw.
After shaping I suspect it will go down further.
This top is by far my lightest top to date.
My previous 2 was in the 190s (I think) and 180s

The braces carved

Front view

Weight is 179g

Next I glued in the 2 traverse brace and the closing brace, shaped them and measured the weight.
The entire top is only 166.8g, that's my lightest top so far.
I think this top/build has great potential.

Glue the 2 UTB LTB and closing brace

Glue done.

Shaping the closing brace.

Shaping the UTB LTB

Bracing all done. This is 8 asymmetric fan brace by Francisco Simplicio / Enrique Garcia. But include my signature open aperture for the 2 traverse braces.

Weight is 166.8g. My lightest top to date.