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Bending the sides

I started to bend the sides, and to my surprise it's as easy as IRW.
I think it's probably because I thin the sides to teh correct thickness: 1.8mm at the waist and 2 at the rest.
The bending proceeded smoothly without any cracks.
The main thing to note is to allow the sides to absorb the heat before attempt to bend it.
The 2 wooden blocks which I use are very useful in supporting the bend and also to insulate the heat from my hand.
I didn't wear any gloves actually though it's a good practice to wear for protection.
And fortunately no burns this time round :)
After bending, I clamped the sides to the molds and leave it to settle in.

Preparing to bend

Checking the waist bend

Checking the LB

Clamp to mold


After the sides are in the mold, I saw off the excess ends.

Saw off the excess ends. The neck side still need to be sawn