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Solera 2

Finally I managed to squeeze some time to work on the guitar after several trips of tools and material acquisition
Initially I had planned to make the 1/2 plantila template out of the acrylic sheet that I have bought.
However, as soon as I had wanted to start work, I discovered that the acrylic sheet that I had bought was too short... OMG...
So the next best thing was to make the template out of vanguard sheet.
Well I postponed the template making to the next session after I acquired the correct sized acrylic.

I saw some more struts for the back bracing and the Bouchet style bracing for the top.
Finally I get to use the Stanley block plane.
The quality of the plane really impressed me.

Here is some picture of the block plane in action:

I also worked on solera for the topboard.
Initially I had wanted to use the pine board I got from IKEA for the solera.
However, I think pine wood are abit hard for gouge the centre depression for the top dome.
So I manage to get a piece of MDF just fitting the size of the topboard from Art Friend.
(It is expensive thought cost about SGD 8 per piece)
With the gouge, which I bought from Daiso (SGD 2), I discovered it is very easy to work upon the MDF; almost effortless.

After an hour's work or so the depression is done.
Only thing left is to smoothen the depression so that I can glue some sandpaper to it for sanding the struts to fit in the shape of the depression.

The gouge is a sort of U-shape "chisel".
You can hollowed out the wood.
How much you remove the wood depends on the angle attack.

You can see the top dome depression here:

Finally I use a straight edge wood carver as a scraper to smoothen the depression.
If I had bought the curved shaped scraper from LMI, it would be a better fit tool.

The final step of smoothen the depression was not yet done.
I will need a curved surface block with some sand paper to do the job.