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New workbench!

I ordered a new workbench and it finally arrived after 1 month of sea shipping.
I spend about 2 hours assembling the workbench and it's quite easy to assemble it.
Weight is not that heavy which is good for me since I am the only person around to carry it.
I assemble the base with cabinet first and then leave the top separate.
In the next good half of the day I spend the time to clean up the workshop to make space for this new workbench.
Some thinking was done to see how better to organise the workshop.
Finally I was able to carry in the base and install the top on the spot.
With the new workbench I need to figure out how best to clamp the work pieces.
The table isnt of uniform thickness; so I need a caul at the below surface in order for my cam clamp to work properly.
Also there is limited space due to the cabinet so the F-clamp doesnt work. I had to make some dog hole clamps which work fine

After several weeks of playing around I finally figure out how best to make use of the workbench.
Normal workbench caters for thicker pieces of wood to work with while guitar making make use of thinner pieces of wood.
So there need to be some modification of the workbench in order to use it efficiently.
But I was happy to have some extra space to work with.
Especially now I dont need to disassemble my go-bar deck after use.
But my old workbench 's free table top space was fill up pretty quickly.

The package

Opening the package

The workbench top

The base parts

The base cabinet assembled

Base is done weighs not too heavy

Clearing the workshop

Space cleared

New workbench moved in place top assembled with the base

In use, new features will be shown later.

New vise 6" width

Dog hole clamp that I made

Dog hole clamp in action.

Full view of the dog hole clamp.