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Closing the box

Finally the box is closed.
Before that I remembered to weigh the back.
However, I forgot to record the tap tone of the box and the back...

I did not do a dry run for the clamping but it was mistake.
As I glue the back, I could not insert the clamp on the heel area as the solera was blocked from below.
I had forgotten to allow some space for the clamps to go in.
Anyway I just clamp the rest first then proceed to shift the woods below to allow the clamp to go in.
So rule of thumb, always do a dry run if you have not been doing the process for a long time.

One last look before closing the box.

Ensure there is enough block to spread the clamping pressure

Apply the glue and heat them up so that they will not gel so fast

Glued and clamped.

I removed the clamps and check the fit.
No problem with the fit.
After that I proceed to trim the overhangs.
During clamping it helps to have about 5mm or so of overhang.

Trimming the overhang - assortment of tools used: Rebate plane, chisel, LA block plane, scraper etc...

Trimming the overhang

Overhangs trimmed

The back view