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Closing the box!

Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year to all!

Finally the box is closed!
It has been raining for the past few weeks and I have been waiting for a good weather to close the box.
I checked the weather forecast and these 2 days will be cloudy just nice for closing!
So I proceed to close the box.

I didn't do much dry run as I still vaguely remember the steps when I last closed my #5.
So I raised the solera so that the clamps can go underneath it.
Most importantly I checked the alignment one last time before closing.
Then I placed the blocks of wood used for distributing the clamping force evenly around the perimeter.
I am all set to go; I heat up the hide glue and proceed to close the box.

After applying the hide glue, I use the light reflection to make sure all is applied evenly.
Then I heat up the hide glue using the hair blower to prolong the open time.
I proceed to glue in the back making sure of the alignment.
The clamps are applied next, frequently checking the alignment.
As you apply pressure to the clamps, the back will move.
Finally all is done.
The clamp's reach at the neck block is barely enough, so I use a plane to weight down that part.
Also I clamp a cross piece across the 1st back brace position to ensure good fit with the back.

Preparing for the closing.
All clamping blocks are placed within easy reach.

Applying the hide glue

Applying the hide glue at the neck side.

All clamped.

Checking the fit.

View from the neck end

View from the butt end

After the glued dried for 1 day, I trim the overhang using plane and chisel.
Most makers probably will use a router with trim bit for this step.
For me with sharp tools it can be completed quite fast too with less noise and less chance of mishap.
I recorded the tap tone and did a spectral analysis, so far the resonances are all well placed and this guitar's eventual resonances might just hit my ideal points exactly (hopefully!)

Removed all the clamp and the guitar from the solera.

Trimming the overhangs

Shavings on the floor everywhere

Front view of guitar

Close up front view.