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Bracing the guitar

I am preparing the bracing for this guitar.
Finally I have decided to use Falcate bracing (by Trevor Gore) for this guitar.
However, I did a variation of the bracing.
His falcate is without the centre brace (6 braces) whereas I prefer to reinforce the centre seam and with a 7 brace variation.
But essentially the idea is the same; the bracing will allow more monopole movement.

To prepare the bracing I had to cut up the spruce, plane to thickness and bent them and finally glue them together.
For the main brace, I use 2 parts and for the most bent brace, I use 3 parts.
Bending spruce is rather easy.

The only problem now I have is whether to use carbon fibre tow or not.
Trevor's design calls for the use of CF, but I rather not use it if possible.
I prefer hide glue especially for bracing but for this case if CF is used, epoxy or CA glue will be used instead.

Gluing up the main brace.

Drawing the layout of the brace

Main brace done

I then bend and glue up the 2nd bent brace.
This one required 3 layers instead but the process is essentially the same as the 1st

Preparing to bend the brace

Braces bent

Glued together and clamped

After it dried I then cut into 2 pieces for the left and right side.

Falcate bracing.