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Shop Tour

Well I didn't have much action these few weeks due to work, so I thought I do a tour of my workshop
Essentially my workshop is just small table.
That's where the main action is.
Well I did wanted to have a proper workshop with a proper workbench etc... but well due to space constraint that's not really possible.
My workbench is a just a simple writing desk with a slab of MDF on top.
The art of clamping the work piece depends a lot on my vast number of clamps and some jigs.
Below the workbench I stored my power tools.

View of the work shop

Another view

Main work bench

Underneath the table is where I stored the power tools

My main storage rack is just beside the workbench.
This is where I store my woods too.
The top portion of the rack is where all the sides and necks are.
At the 2nd section (from the top), I stored the tops and backs.
3rd section contains the tools mainly.
Ground section contains the fingerboards bridges in the storage box.

Top rack stores the sides necks

Next higher level stores the backs and tops

This section is my tools mainly (planes etc...)

Bottom section are where the fingerboard and bridges are.

Behind me is atable where most of my clamps are held.
Actually it used to be right at the rack but that's just waiting for accidents to happened.
And if the clamps come undone during when I work on the guitar, the technical term will be bad.
So I shifted to clamp the clamps behind me instead.
I have lots of F-clamp and cam clamps.

Behind me by the side is where the dehumidifier are.
It's pointing mainly to the woods and workbench

Also at the other end I store my soleras or workboard

My dehumidifier. The fan has died so I attached an external fan instead.



I also hang quite a number of tools by the window grille.
Including one of my unfinished top
Below the grille is a section where I kept miscellaneous things like my veneers bindings etc... and my 1st gen solera which I am going to modify for binding work.

Tools and tops hanging on the window grille.

Misc things are kept here. Just under the grille.

At the other room I temporary store my go-bar deck.
Normally I will dismantle it if I am not using for sometime.

Go-bar deck.