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New Wood Stock Collection

I have ordered some new woods from Prosono International.
2 sets of Pink Ivory
1 set of Mopane
1 set of African Blackwood
What can I say, they are beautiful

I also order a Black Limba set from a fellow luthier @ the OLF

Update: I probably can resume work next month.
The house upgrade / renovation is done.
But I still need to paint the walls and ceiling, the walls are done and now left with the ceiling. Yeah!

Here are the pics:

The package arrived

The four set of woods, stickered nicely

Pink Ivory (3 piece back)

Pink Ivory (using 2 large piece of the 2 sets)

Pink ivory set 2

Mopane (master grade)

African blackwood, 4 piece back but I only use 3 of the 4 piece piece with a Torres FE19 plantilla

They actually use ABW cut-offs to sticker the wood!

Close up of the sticker woods

Black Limba

My Lutz spruce (Picea Lutzii) from Shane of High Mountain Tonewoods also arrived in this month.
Well they aren't the best grade, like my previous batch of Lutz spruce (AA) but the quality is equivalent.
Tonewood grading are actually is misnomer; it is graded from it's appearance rather than it's quality.
So a master grade tonewood just simply means it looks great; it has no direct bearing on whether it's a great / excellent / lousy tonewood.
However usually those graded in AA and above are quartered-sawn as opposed to those in the A grade and below.

Anyway this batch of spruce is graded A, it's well quartered and supposedly to be in the AAA grade or AA grade but it was downgraded due to it's cosmetic flaws.
There are knots and sometimes in the center of the tonewood.
Most of the sets (13 tops) I can do a 2 piece tops with the knots moved to the outer sides.
But some of them the knots are right in the middle.
So I can do a 4-piece tops or maybe mixed it with WRC?

Here are some pics of the spruce.