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Some new tools

Well I didn't have much time to continue the build.
I did acquire some new tools though.
Amongst them are 2 new squares to replace the old one which is broken at the locking part making it not really a square.
I acquire some new veneer caliper manual version too.
The digital one still works but I was lazy to replace the battery.
I also bought a new small drill press for drilling bridge holes but I have yet to test it out.
Anyway I should have spent more to get a real drill press this small one doesn't have enough power at all.
My main consideration was the noise actually; cant really get a noisy machine.
Also I bought some more clamps; you just cant have enough of them.

More cam clamps! You cant have enough clamps!

Quick release clamp? Bought about 10 of them as it is easy to deploy them with one hand

Small drill press.

Measuring tool, to replace my old square.