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Some Readup

I did not continue with the project due to some family commitment.
However I have been exploring the OLF forum for some information gathering.
One thing I find that I am not too good is that I like to plan/think too much.
The moment I read about adjustable neck, I began to plan it into my project...
However judging the progress, I doubt it is very feasible.
In order to complete the project I would better off concentrating on the traditional Spanish heel assembly instead.

I order some more stuff from LMII:
- Hide glue
- Shellac
- Bridge clamp
- Bridge blank

I plan to use the hide glue for those removable part like the finger board and the bridge.
This will facilitate guitar repair when I need to remove the fingerboard to repair the topboard.
Also I can use the hide glue to repair my Alhambra which the bridge is detaching.

After I finished my business at TMC, I visited Balestier road's hardware shop.
Somewhere near the end of the Balestier Road just before the road entrance to Whampoa estate I found a hardware shop selling quite extensive tools.
They carry all sorts of tools ranging from China-made planes and power tools like router and router bits.

I bought a thumb plane for SGD15, which the base is made of rosewood, to help in shaping the struts bracing.

Here is the picture:

Also bought another steel box metre rule (90cm actually).
Because of its rigidity I can use it to
1) locate the bridge
2) check for straight edges
3) check for frets height even-ness

I was thinking of getting a manual drill for drilling the headstock holes for the tuner machines.
Till now still havent locate a shop selling that...