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Thicknessing the sides

I had to rest a while as my R wrist was painful.
Signs of rheumatism?
I had sprained my wrist during my company's inter-department soccer game when I fell down a number of times.
Not that I am good at soccer though.
Ever since that game my wrist wasn't in good condition.
These few days the weather was very wet and hence the rheumatism sets in.

I began to thickness the sides.
With my arsenal of planes and planing cross-grain, it quite easy to bring down to thickness 2mm without any tearout.
I use both my woodies and western planes 2 jack planes one smoother cut one more aggressive.
But i do realise it's time to sharpen all the irons...

Straighten one edge (top edge)

Mark out the side points from my template

Began planing cross grain.

Smoothen it with scraper

Look at the mountain of shavings

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